Lema Construction

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LEMA Construction has an outstanding reputation with its clients throughout the state of Florida from design to completion. We provide construction management, design-build, and preconstruction services for every phase of the building process, ensuring the best possible product. Communication is at the core of our philosophy, our ability to listen enables us to hear even the most subtle differences clients have in terms of needs, desires, and budgets. We promote an interactive process with the participation of decision-makers, members of the community, and those who will use the facilities. We start readying your job-site while design progresses, so elements of construction can begin during the design phase. By overlapping construction and design, our project team will deliver a timely build that makes aggressive schedules possible. You’ll still have a construction team, specialty subcontractors, materials vendors, and all the same quality standards as you have in all building methods. LEMA will make sure your job gets done quicker, to a clearly defined scope with total accountability. Our goal is to not just meet current needs but to strongly position you for the future.