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Founded in 1999 by James R. Gerish, Emerald Hospitality Associates, Inc. is a Westlake, Ohio-based hospitality operational & asset management and development company. We provide a full complement of specialized hospitality industry services to developers, owners and operators. A sampling of our in-house services includes hotel operations, sales and revenue generation management, ecommerce and digital marketing, accounting, human resources, and asset management. We also seek hotel investment acquisition and development opportunities through our independent affiliate, Nimbus Investment Fund. Emerald is focused on providing hotel and restaurant investors with the skills and expertise necessary to gain the greatest return on investment while consistently delivering hands-on, personalized service. With a mission of providing effective, results-oriented, and innovative service to guests, clients, and team members, Emerald successfully generates true value and provides excellence in hospitality. Emerald operates 26 award winning hotels throughout ten different states across the country with personal and corporate integrity at the forefront. Our combined 200+ years of hotel management and consulting experience enhances the success of each service we offer our portfolio of hotels. For more information on Emerald or our services, visit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our blog. Nimbus Investment Fund is an independent affiliate of Emerald Hospitality Associates, Inc. The focus of Nimbus is to pursue investments in the hotel acquisition and development space. Echoing the hands-on approach of Emerald, the Nimbus team seeks investments that are sound and will yield a strong return. For additional information on the Nimbus Investment Fund, contact Art Borowski, Chief Financial Officer of Emerald Hospitality Associates, Inc, at 440-239-9848 or