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Asian Hospitality is a new monthly news magazine and North America’s biggest selling bi-lingual Asian magazine targeting the Hospitality industry.
The Asian community has come to dominate the multi-billion dollar hospitality industry in the US. So complete is their domination of this sector, that there is barely an exit off America’s major interstates that does not boast a motel, run by an Asian, serving the ubiquitous American traveler. It accounts for around 35 percent of all the available hotel rooms in the country.
Asian Hospitality helps the Asian hotelier by providing updated news, advice and information It reports on the latest developments in the sector and informs, educates and entertains in a unique style with its journalistic heritage, spanning over three decades.
Asian Hospitality is an inclusive publication; for sharing information and learn about the industry through a common medium.
Asian Hospitality uniquely provides editorial in Gujarati, the language spoken by the majority of Asian hoteliers. Over 60 percent of AAHOA members are Patels, just one of the many Gujarati communities in the hospitality industry. As the primary language of the sector, it allows key decision-makers to make informed decisions. Majority of these hotels are operated by enterprising owner managers and their families. Indian women play a key role in the family business. They may appear to be in the background, but are often the ones who make decisions. These owners/managers are open to new ideas, are flexible and nimble enough to respond to changing market trends.
Published in English and Gujarati, Asian Hospitality is your road map into the Asian community in the US.